Jamaco Industries licenses Waterblasting Technologies to manufacture, market and sell RS-20B Rumble Strip Milling Machine

Jamaco Industries LLC has licensed Waterblasting Technologies of Stuart, FL, USA, to manufacture, market and sell the RS-20B pavement rumble strip milling machine.

The Jamaco Industries LLC RS-20B pavement rumble strip milling machine surpasses expectations at cutting median and centerline rumble strips, which have been proven to reduce automobile accidents.  With the ability to cut at up to 3.4 mph, the RS-20B is the most productive rumble strip unit on the market.  In development now is an additional cutter drum which will excel at making cuts for inlaid pavement markings and recessed pavement markers.

About Gary Jakits

Through the years, Jakits has grown and expanded on rumble strip machine ideas to create the most efficient equipment for rumble strips and the improvement on safety that it delivers.