BAE Systems launches HybriDrive Website

Johnson City, N.Y.-based BAE Systems has launched a website to showcase its HybriDrive family of hybrid-electric products at is a great resource for those businesses interested in decreasing their operational costs,” said Steve Trichka, general manager of power and energy management for BAE Systems, in a written statement. “At a time when fuel costs are rising and budgets are tighter than ever, BAE Systems offers economical, green alternatives to the transportation industry with our hybrid-electric propulsion systems.”

The HybriDrive series hybrid electric system is said to dramatically reduce emissions and increase fuel economy while meeting the durability requirements of demanding urban transit operations. It consists of a generator, an electric motor, and an energy storage system managed by computerized controls. A diesel engine turns the generator and operates independent of the electric drive motor, allowing it to run at the optimum engine speed for fuel efficiency. The system also uses no mechanical transmission, a significant maintenance item on conventional diesel buses. Buses equipped with HybriDrive series have travelled more than 300 million miles, prevented more than 280,000 tons of CO2 emissions and have saved more than 25 million gallons of diesel fuel.