Roadway Safety Coalition endorses rural road safety bill

The Roadway Infrastructure Safety Coalition (RISC) has endorsed H.R. 2107, the High Risk Rural Roads Safety Act of 2011, introduced by Rep. Michael H. Michaud (D-Maine).

“In rural states like Maine, smaller roadways are an absolutely critical part of the transportation system. Unfortunately, too many people are dying on these roads each year,” Rep. Michaud noted in a written statement.

“The High Risk Rural Roads Safety Act will help ensure that states have the resources needed to invest in rural roads and reduce these needless fatalities in Maine and throughout our nation.”

Because motorists are 2-1/2 times more likely to die on a rural road than on an urban one, dedicated investments for rural roads are critical. Investments in this vital transportation network are key to making America’s entire highway network both safe and efficient.

The High Risk Rural Roads Safety Act will invest $400 million annually for cost effective roadway safety infrastructure improvements for our nation’s rural roads which help to reduce roadway fatalities and create jobs.