Quick Tips You Need to Know When Starting an Anti-icing or Deicing Program

by Tina Grady Barbaccia

More technological advancements are becoming available to today’s snowfighters that help lower user costs, allow for more efficient operations, reduce environmental impact, increase safety and enhance commerce.

How do you know what to look at when starting a winter maintenance program? What should you look for in a vendor and what kind of support systems are out there to help you with your program?

Anti-icing programs are emerging as a mainstay of any winter maintenance program, says Sean M. Riley with Cargill Deicing Technology. However, understanding what to look at when developing an anti-icing system is important. When considering a deicing program, Riley says, the following should be considered:

  • mechanical versus non-mechanical;
  • installation, maintenance and operation costs;
  • single-purposed versus multi-purposed; and
  • recommended liquids.

When looking at starting an anti-icing program, Riley says, the following should be considered:

  • production volumes,
  • concentration accuracy,
  • construction materials,
  • cleanout method, and
  • total cost of ownership.

Once you’ve decided on which type or types of programs, the products and vendors that will be used in the anti-icing or deicing program need to be assessed. Here’s what you should ask about the products, Riley says:

  • formulate an accurate expectation on payback,
  • create a method to effectively measure performance,
  • train my employees on proper usage procedures,
  • build a consensus and obtain buy-in from decision makers, and
  • educate the public as to how we are saving money and reducing environmental impact.

Here’s what you should ask vendors when developing the program:

  • Is the vendor proven, reliable and experienced?
  • Are they a specialized or a comprehensive provider?
  • Is the vendor resourceful?
  • Are they a producer or reliant on the open market?
  • Can they provide post sale support?
  • Are they a partner or just a vendor?

Click here for a downloadble PDF of the presentation,Reducing Costs and Environmental Impact Through Technology and Education,” given at the American Public Works Association (APWA) and Pacific Northwest Snowfighers Snow Conference, held in mid-April and attended by Better Roads