TCC Fly-In Upcoming

Time to make some noise.

The Transportation Construction Coalition Fly-In and ARTBA Federal Issues Program start Monday 23rd.  I’ll be there and I’ll be Tweeting.  This is one of those events that could give this industry a major boost

(Oh, and don’t forget the Rally for Roads on the 25th. See my previous posting).

A lot of powerful industry figures will descend on Washington to meet lobbyists and interest group leaders. They’ll strategize then go up to Capitol Hill and call on as many Congressmen and women as possible. All of our elected representatives who have anything at all to do with infrastructure funding will be visited.

In some ways its business as usual. It is after all an annual event. But it has some serious potential power. Reauthorization is stuck. Its stalled. The longer it stays that way the more the industry hurts. We need to get going and we need this legislation as the first step in the process. But politicians don’t feel enough heat to do what they know needs to be done. When staying re-electable is the goal – and it is – we have to show them that doing the right thing for our industry will help them have long and profitable careers on the Hill.

So far they are stuck in the mud. Hence the visits. They are another way, a powerful way, to change minds.

I’ll keep you posted.