Pedestrian Access Route Barricade Creates ADA-Friendly Work Zones

Tacoma, WA – Davidson Traffic Control Products announces the introduction of their new Pedestrian Access Route (PAR) barricade at the upcoming US DOT Federal Highway Administration’s ADA Demonstration in Sacramento, California June 8th, 2011.  

Urban construction zones can be hazardous to people with visual or mobility impairments if the worksite is not adequately protected. People who use canes may not detect warning tape or a series of widely spaced traffic cones. Such practices are not sufficient to enable a blind pedestrian to anticipate a hazard, nor do they provide an edge along which to travel around an obstruction. The PAR barricade is designed to guide individuals with visual and mobility impairments around dangers in construction sites like drop-offs and trenches by providing a clearly defined & safe pathway through the work zone.

Key features & benefits of the PAR ADA-compliant barricade are:

  • Continuous top hand rail for tactile assistance for pedestrians with low vision
  • Continuous bottom “toe rail” for cane-using pedestrians
  • Optional orange/white contrasting sheeting for visibility
  • Easily assembled on site, easily disassembled for transport
  • Bottom rail gap provides for clear drainage in stormy weather
  • Ability to create curved installations to bend around corners
  • Fluorescent orange panels available for added visibility
  • No parts protrude into the pedestrian walkway
  • UV-stabilized high impact plastic components 
  • 3-year factory warranty on all barricade panels

To view more about the new Davidson PAR Barricade, please go to:          

Davidson Traffic Control Products is a division of Pexco LLC, a global manufacturer of plastic products with decades of technical & engineering expertise.  The Davidson Traffic product line includes Barricades, Channelizer Posts, Curb System Lane Separators, Work Zone Pavement Markers, Flexible Delineator Posts, Reflectors for Barrier Walls and Guardrails, Snow Poles and many adhesive products that have gained acceptance worldwide.