Titan introduces the IT525 Tire to lineup of radial backhoe tires

Titan It525QUINCY, Ill. — Titan Tire Corporation, a subsidiary of Titan International, Inc., is pleased to announce the introduction of the IT525 Tire to their lineup of radial backhoe tires. The IT525’s versatile design allows for smooth rides and increased lifespan on hard surfaces, as well as superior traction in soft soils.

“The IT525 is a commercial must-have,” said Paul Hawkins, vice president of OTR sales at Titan. “In a commercial setting, you need a tire that can seamlessly move from pavement to soil and handle all the obstacles in between. That’s exactly what the IT525 is built to do.”

The IT525’s design provides for a longer-wearing, smoother ride for operators that spend a significant amount of time working on concrete or asphalt. The robust sidewall of the IT525 provides the strength needed to run over obstacles such as curbs, rocks and construction materials, while the lug spacing helps to minimize tire penetration and damage, while improving traction in soft soils.

The IT525 radial is an extension of its bias predecessor, which has been a proven performer in commercial settings for years. The IT525 radial is currently available in a 500/85R24, while the bias is available in seven sizes — ranging from 14.9-24 to 21L-24 — as well as several ply ratings, ranging from 8 to 16.

Titan Tires are manufactured by Titan Tire Corporation, a subsidiary of Titan International. For more information on Titan Tire products and services, visit the company’s website at

www.titan-intl.com or e-mail Titan International at sales@titan-intl.com.