Komplet mini crushers

Pict0497Komplet mini crushers save contractors time, money, and manpower.  Komplet has been all over Europe for years.   Contractors in the United States are finding out that these machines just plain make sense.  Komplet recycling products will crush glass, porcelain, marble, granite, bricks, blocks, asphalt and reinforced concrete onsite for immediate reuse. The Lemtrack 48-25 runs all day on 5-7 gallons of diesel fuel.  It will eliminate trucking, landfill, and base fees.    Komplet Lemtrack models do not have to be on level ground to load.  They are neighborhood noise friendly.   The crusher is easily towed.   The jaw crusher is very safe to operate.   Lemtrack 48-25 and Lemtrack 60-40 are the unique models that have no competition in the price range. They are California carb compliant. No permits needed.  Crushing onsite with these machines will reduce carbon emissions, mining, and landfills.  This will make LEEDs points easier to attain.

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