$3 million Ohio retaining wall highway project underway

Kokosing has begun construction on the $3 million contract to build Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining walls for one of the largest highway projects in Ohio, according to Tensar International, a geosynthetic soil reinforcement and stabilization company.

The project will help improve safety and reduce road congestion. When complete, 30 ARES precast panel retaining walls will be built, totaling more than 200,000 square feet, and making it one of the largest projects in Tensar’s Uniaxial Geogrid product line history. Also included in the project scope is 14,000 square feet of Sierra Slopes with 30’ max heights, and about 15,000 square feet of Tensar Temporary Walls.

The full scope of the Ohio highway project is to construct 22 new bridges, improve safety, reduce road congestion and connect neighborhoods. A new travel lane will also be added on I-670 to help reduce weaving across traffic lanes to exits.

“The contractor chose the ARES System in part due to the ability to use locally available backfill in the reinforced zone, saving both time and money,” said Aaron Smith, Tensar International’s regional sales manager for Grade Separation Solutions. The inert properties of Tensar Geogrids permit the use of a wide range of backfills, including recycled materials and those found unsuitable for use in steel reinforced wall systems.

The first phase of the Columbus Crossroads project is slated for completion in 2014.