JET’s Triple Axle Side Dump Trailer

Jet Company’s triple axle side dump trailer features an improved dumping cycle.  An inverted trunnion mounted cylinder reduces the distance of three pivot points, which reduces tub acceleration at the end of the dumping cycle. This acceleration decrease greatly improves trailer stability. Jet’s patent pending design gives the operator an improved, smoother dump cycle.

The round tub improves clean out with wet or sticky material. External tub supports, as opposed to internal dividers, also helps tub clean out and makes it easier to use with long items or debris. High strength ¼” Abrasion Resistant steel is used for reducing dents and increases tub strength.  A new bushing design makes all tub and cylinder pivot points maintenance free. All tubs are blasted for the best paint adhesion and paint protection.

Whether you are hauling wet sand or dirt, boulders, rocks, wet gluten, ag products or litter, Jet’s side dump meets the needs of both the construction and agriculture markets.  Visit our website to view a demo of the patent pending Jet side dump trailer in action.