Blasting concrete and bubble gum

NLB 6600 At World of Concrete and NLB showing its 6600 UHP Hydrodemolition System. With enough water pressure to chew through six inches of concrete (and leave the re-bar) or just work with damaged concrete surfaces to prepare for an overlay or sealing, it’s not a big unit (about 14′ x 8.5′) but it has a lot of curb appeal. Built on to a John Deere tractor, with 34 hp Deere engine powering hydrostatic systems, it can operate at 20,000 psi with flows of 60 gpm or 40,000 psi with flows to 12 gpm. It also offers a remote robot system so the operator can work it from 25 feet away, a nice safety feature. And NLB is a versatile OEM — one of its smaller models is used here in Las Vegas to blast bubble gum off the sidewalks at casino entrances.