9 Culturally-Specific Transportation Jobs

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 5.48.43 PMHere in the U.S., there are a wide variety of transportation-related jobs, from highway construction and bridge engineering to airport security, transit operating and a whole lot more.

I’m sure other countries have those types of jobs as well, but some offer more bizarre career options.

Gizmodo India rounded up these nine transportation-related jobs that are culturally-specific:

1. Licence plate obscurers in Tehran, Iran walk behind cars to hide license plates from cameras that enforce laws restricting vehicles with either odd or even numbers to drive downtown only on certain days.

2. Extra passengers in Jakarta, Indonesia are hired on the side of the road and allow vehicles to have access to “3-in-1” zones that require at least three passengers to travel in those areas.

3. Ticketless travel brokers in Mumbai, India offer “insurance” that protect train passengers from paying fines if caught traveling without a ticket.

4. Subway pushers in Tokyo, Japan push commuters into subway cars, allowing the doors to close.

5. Traffic zebras in Bolivia dress as zebras and help reinforce crosswalk laws.

6. Seat-fillers in Kenya make privately-run buses appear more full, which urges potential passengers to quickly buy tickets.

7. Bike dredgers in Amsterdam, The Netherlands operate barges that extract bikes from the canals.

8. Flying doctors in Australia travel to areas that are more than a day’s drive from hospitals to treat patients.

9. Meter maids in Queensland, Australia stand by meters and give directions while wearing gold bikinis, sashes and high heels.

For photos, videos and more details, read the full story at Gizmodo India.