Board falls off bridge under construction, shatters windshield


A Colorado woman is still trying to calm her nerves after her jeep’s windshield was shattered while driving on Interstate-70.

“I’m driving, and the next thing I know there is the most hideous bang,” Ingrid Basler told 7NEWS reporter Jaclyn Allen.

“As you can imagine, when you are driving, and at that rate of speed, the shattering – it shocked the living daylight out of me.”

Following the accident police confirmed that a wooden board from a bridge under construction at exit 240 struck Basler’s windshield. According to police,  a bridge worker had accidentally knocked it off onto oncoming traffic.

Thankfully Basler was not injured when the board struck her vehicle. The Colorado Department of Transportation has taken full responsibility for the accident and will pay for a new windshield on Basler’s jeep.

A CDOT spokeswoman tied 7NEWS that every project is supposed to have an engineer who oversees safety. There will be a thorough investigation done at the construction site to find out what went wrong, and what needs to be done to keep it from happening again.