Alliance Truck Parts: Waterproof back-up alarm, one beep per second
Tina Grady Barbaccia | January 2, 2012

Alliance Truck Parts‘ new back-up alarm conforms to SAEJ994 standards and can be used on construction or agricultural machinery, and any truck that requires this type of alarm. The back-up alarm offers waterproof construction using rugged ABS plastic to withstand pressure-washing, harsh environments and even impacts without damage.

The unit’s housing is designed to focus its 97-decible standard one beep per second output to the rear where it is most needed. The unit’s interior mechanism features solid -state electronics encapsulated in epoxy for increased durability. The compact 4 inches wide by 1-5/8-inches deep by 2-3/4 inches in height size, universal mounting design and rugged stainless steel terminals that resist corrosion simplifies installation. The alarm has reverse polarity.

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