25 Days of RollOuts: Bergkamp’s Spray Injection Patcher works with InPave System
Tina Grady Barbaccia | December 12, 2013


Bergkamp’s SP5, SP8 and SPT Spray Injection Patcher pothole patching solutions are compatible with Bergkamp’s InPave Pothole Patching Management System.

BetterRoads_TopRollOutsThe truck-mounted SP5 and SP8 Spray Injection Patchers feature a dual chamber (60/40) aggregate hopper that allows for distribution of two grades of aggregate, as well as an automatic operation option that allows for in-cab operations in addition to on-ground manual operations.

The trailer-mounted SPT comes standard with manual operations.

The units are offered in two configurations: truck chassis or cab-over chassis.

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