Trimble Launches Updated Augmented-Reality SiteVision 5.0, Data Collector, Radios

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Trimble SiteVision Software 5.0
Trimble’s SiteVision Software 5.0 is an augmented reality system used for communicating new designs and changes to field crews.

Three new products that impact the flow of data on a jobsite have been unveiled by Trimble. The company’s augmented reality system, SiteVision Software 5.0, has been updated, and the TDC6 data collector and TDL4508 next-generation radios were released. 

Combining the power of scanning and precision in a mobile solution, Trimble’s SiteVision Software 5.0 is the latest version of the company’s outdoor augmented reality system that helps bring spatial data to life in real-world environments.

The latest version of the app includes a 3D scan tool that allows customers to use LiDAR sensors available on some Apple Pro devices. SiteVision Software 5.0The latest version of the Trimble's SiteVision Software 5.0 includes a 3D scan tool that allows customers to use LiDAR sensors available on some Apple Pro devices.Trimble

The updated tool enables users to capture high-accuracy and instantaneously georeferenced point clouds with a workflow as easy as taking a picture. 

According to Trimble, SiteVision 5.0 helps users to create as-builts of the jobsite on the go. Using the tool, surveyors, contractors, and engineers can centimeter-level measurements, plan resource allocations, reduce scan times, supplement drone data, and model preconstruction conditions. 

The company says the new scanning tool furthers SiteVision's functionality for creating practical and accessible field-to-office workflows.

Trimble TDC6

Trimble TDC6The Trimble TDC6 is a lightweight, handheld GNSS data collector that is compatible with the company's SiteVision and Siteworks software.Trimble

The Trimble TDC6 is a lightweight, handheld GNSS data collector for high-performance construction surveying. It allows contractors to work with more complex data sets more effectively in the field, connect to the office for on-the-spot approvals, and communicate changes to field crews quickly and easily.

Built to handle the ruggedness of any construction site, the TDC6 is shock, dust, and water resistant. With integrated Wi-FI and Bluetooth, the unit has built-in cameras and 5G compatibility.

Trimble says the TDC6 works seamlessly with its Siteworks Software for construction surveying and can be used to visualize the jobsite with SiteVision Software.

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TDL4508 Radio 

Trimble TDL450B RadioTrimble radios offer flexible configuration options and rugged reliability for efficient use of GNSS on the construction site.Trimble

The Trimble TDL450B Radio is a next-generation 450-megahertz high-speed, wireless UGH data external radio with Bluetooth for transmitting, receiving, and repeating GNSS corrections. It is designed to support Trimble and third-party RTK base stations.

The company says it has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to set up and configure. Like the data collector, the radio is designed to withstand the harsher conditions of a construction site, including an add-on fan tray for additional impact and weather resistance.