Cat’s M325D, M325D LMH wheel material loaders updated for faster barge unloading, easier transport

The updated Cat M325D MH and M325D LMH Wheel Material Handlers are designed to meet the production requirements in bulk materials handling applications and in the scrap and recycling industries.

The updated models feature a new, optional cambered boom for superior reach into barges, a new front linkage that allows the operator to fold the stick up under the boom for easier transport, a reinforced cab structure and refinements for enhanced safety, and a new, optional auto-reversing fan for reliable machine operation in dusty areas.

The M325D MH is equipped with four sets of dual 12.00-20 solid rubber tires and has an operating weight of 30 871 kg (68,059 lb). The M325D LMH has an operating weight of 35 261 kg (77,737 lb) and is equipped with four single 16.00-25 solid rubber tires. Optional pneumatic tires are available. Reach of the two machines is in the 14.3 to 15.6 meter range (47 to 51 feet).

The Cat C7 Engine with ACERT Technology powers both machines. The C7 produces net power of 140 kW (190 hp) and features electronic controls that govern the mechanically actuated unit fuel injection (MEUI) system.

The ADEM A4 electronic control module manages fuel delivery to get the best performance per unit of fuel used. The engine management system provides flexible fuel mapping, allowing the engine to respond quickly to varying application needs. Automatic engine speed control offers two-stage one-touch control for maximum fuel efficiency and reduced sound levels.

The hydraulic system is designed specifically to handle the requirements of demanding material handling applications. The D-Series models use a hydraulic cross sensing system that can maximize hydraulic power when needed for faster implement speeds and high productivity.

Cambered boom speeds barge unloading

The 9.9-meter (32.5-foot) cambered boom is an option designed for barge unloading applications. The configuration provides excellent reach to unload materials from all corners and sides of barges. Welded box-section structures are designed with thick, multi-plate fabrications in high stress areas, which allow structures to flex, dissipating stress and maximizing strength.

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New front linkage eases transport

The new front linkage of the updated M325D material handlers makes it possible to fold the stick up under the boom, which allows the machine to be transported in most regions with any available stick combination installed. The new design uses a longer boom and shorter sticks to maintain the working range. The redesigned boom has 20 percent less section height, which results in improved right hand sight lines to the work tool.

Reinforced cab enhances safety

The new, reinforced cab structure provides enhanced protection for the machine operator. It is compliant with 2006/42/EC. The new roof window is scratch resistant glass, and an additional steel crossbar at the front, top of the cab helps protect the operator.

A rearview camera sending images to a display inside the cab further enhance safety. For operator comfort, each material handler now can be equipped with a factory installed radio with CD. The system is MP3 ready. A flip release panel provides anti-theft protection.

Auto-reversing fan helps keep machine cool

The new automatic reversing fan purges dirt, dust and airborne debris from the cooling system. The system automatically reverses the fan at preset intervals to expel debris from the radiator and engine compartment. In conditions that vary a great deal, the operator can manually reverse the fan at any time. The fan is controlled by the engine electrical control module for smooth and reliable operation.

In addition to the enhancements that are new worldwide, the M325D MH and M325D LMH Wheel Material Handlers sold everywhere now can be equipped with a generator. The 20kW SSMC (solid state magnet control) generator provides superior reliability as a result of its soft start system and overheating protection.

In addition, the SSMC generator provides commonality in joystick button usage, improved clean magnet drop due to software control, and duty cycle monitoring to prevent generator and magnet damage. Other benefits of this generator include lower maintenance costs and improved serviceability.