Program to train Mexican truck drivers reduces safety violations, Ariz. DOT says
Don McLoud | February 1, 2018

The Arizona-Mexican border September 2005. Photo credit: Alan Levine from Strawberry, United States, on Wikimedia Commons

Arizona transportation officials report that a new safety instruction program it provides to truck drivers in Mexico is leading to fewer safety violations at the state’s international ports of entry.

“It’s a dramatic improvement that’s saving international carriers time and money, making Arizona roads safer and helping Arizona better appeal to drivers who might otherwise use ports in California or Texas,” the Arizona Department of Transportation says.

ADOT says that only two of 667 drivers who underwent its border inspection qualification training since August have entered Arizona with a violation that required immediate repairs. That represents a rate of .3 percent versus the 5 percent rate among other commercial drivers at ADOT’s international ports, according to the agency.

ADOT’s International Border Inspection Qualification program is the first in the United States. It sends trainers to Mexico to educate international truck drivers and company leaders about safety requirements for trucks on Arizona roads. The agency says the training will continue in 2018.

“In addition to making roads across Arizona safer, we are reducing inspection times and making Arizona’s international ports more appealing to commercial carriers,” says ADOT Director John Halikowski.

“More trucks entering the country in Arizona means an even greater boost to our economy,” Halikowski adds. “Those drivers use more services and buy more items in our state, which helps not only border communities but all of Arizona.”


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