Excavator work modes include attachment applications

With its 425-horsepower engine, the 700 LX excavator from Link-Belt weighs 152,600 pounds, filling the gap between the company’s 104,500- and 174,000-pound machines. The 700 LX’s hydraulic, reversible fan improves horsepower, runs quieter and allows you to blow out the coolers from inside the operator’s station. The company’s Inte-LX computer control system monitors hydraulic output and pressures and regulates engine performance to optimize speed, power and fuel efficiency. Four work modes match engine and hydraulic output to the task at hand. These include an attachment work mode to adjust to the requirements for attachments such as hammers. With the 11-foot- 6-inch arm, the dig depth goes to 27 feet 6 inches and maximum digging height measures 39 feet 1 inch.