Monroeville, Pa. – Power tools and generators

Location: Monroeville, Pa.
Recovery date: Nov. 15
Value of stolen items: $6,234

It’s never a good idea to give your real name and address when pawning stolen goods; apparently someone forgot to tell that to two Monroeville, Pa., residents.

Police arrested three people in the theft of construction equipment worth thousands of dollars after some of the loot showed up at a Philadelphia pawn shop. The two suspects who gave their own names when pawning the stolen merchandise where charged with burglary, theft, conspiracy and criminal mischief, according to The Daily Journal. Power tools and generators worth $6,234 were stolen Oct. 22 from a storage trailer at a jobsite. The thieves broke into the trailer twice, once by gaining access through the roof and the other time using bolt cutters, the police said. About $2,000 worth of the stolen property was recovered from the pawn shop.