Terex one of first to advertise construction equipment on cable

With more people watching television than ever, Terex has decided to jump on the commercial bandwagon and become one of the first construction equipment manufacturers to advertise its products on cable TV.

“Everyone does print and web advertising,” said Brian Hazelton, Terex director of compact equipment sales. “We see television as an additional vehicle for marketing Terex equipment.”

The commercials, which started June 23, showcase Terex’s new loader backhoe, the TX760, and include the catchphrase, “At Terex, you don’t pay a lot, but you get a lot.”

“We have a very popular loader backhoe,” Hazelton said. “At its price ($39,900), it deserves special marketing attention and a unique approach.”

The ads, which show a contractor using the backhoe to dig a trench and talking about how he saved $10,000 to $20,000 by purchasing the TX760, will run during a six-week campaign. Based on its success, commercials for other types of equipment could be soon to follow. For now, you might catch the TX760 ad on a variety of cable networks, including sports and news channels and during some entertainment programs. To watch the commercial online, click on the link to the right.