Cimline announces new Metro Series Melter Applicator

Metro WorkingCimline has advanced the technology of cracksealing for pavement preservation again with the new Metro Series melter applicators. This new model joins the company’s successful Magma and Matrix melters that are used by contractors and municipalities throughout the world. Metro models in 150,275 and 425 gallon capacities offer exclusive features designed to enhance operator convenience, productivity and safety.

While the Metro shares many of the industry-leading features of previous Cimline models, several notable exceptions distinguish the new machine from others in the industry. Foremost is the new hose carrier to reduce operator fatigue. This three-section articulated boom keeps the hose low for better visibility while providing added support. An additional benefit is the protection it provides in travel mode when wind buffeting can cause hose wear. The articulated boom is available for single or dual hose models.

Metro’s After Burner II uses an ignition system to burn off excess fumes generated from heating the sealant to optimum temperature. A propane burner is positioned in the kettle’s vent and sensors prevent gas from flowing to the burner if it is not fired. The result is dramatically less smoke and fumes that make the Metro more community friendly.

A new style loading door is standard on the Metro and provides ultimate safety from splash back. A sealant block fits inside the door’s cavity which rotates 180-degrees to discharge the sealant block without letting fumes and smoke escape.

The first kettle level monitoring system allows operators to keep accurate readings on melted sealant. A simple visual readout uses lights to display when the kettle is one-half or three-quarters full allowing the operators to feed sealant blocks at the optimum rate. An auto-loader system is available that can be controlled by the material level monitoring system.

Other standard features include a new quick start control system, auger assisted agitator assembly, high intensity LED lighting and a heavy-duty tube frame.

For more information on the entire line of Cimline products visit or contact Cimline at 1-800-328-3874.

Cimline is a company in the Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group which includes DuraPatcher pothole patching machines and EQUIPT professional sealcoating equipment.