Deere: On-board scale alerts when dump body loaded to capacity

Deere’s 460E ADT is the first of Deere’s new E-Series ADTs, due in 2012. An on-board scale lets the operators of both the ADT and loading tool know when the dump body is loaded to capacity by the use of an external light bar that is visible to both operators.

Customers can monitor the amount of material moved each day and adjust haul road patterns, allowing drivers and other factors accordingly. The truck will feature a John Deere 13.5L, Tier 4 Interim-certified diesel engine and Deere-manufactured axles.

A newly designed oscillation joint, high-suspension travel on all axles, and balanced weight distribution provide the agility and ability to navigate hostile terrain. To minimize the risk of rollover while unloading, the dump body can be restricted from rising when the rear chassis exceeds a predetermined slope angle.