5.8 Ton Compact Radius Excavator. 60CR-9, big power and production in a small package!

Hyundai’s new R60CR-9 is an impressive machine designed to be fast, smooth and productive.  This 12,790 pound machine is the latest addition to Hyundai’s family of compact radius precision excavators.

Inside the cab, the operator will encounter an environmentally friendly design, riddled with creature comforts.  Features including a fully adjustable suspension seat, adjustable arm rests, large foot pedals, ergonomic joysticks prewired for auxiliary hydraulic functions and 360 degree visibility all add to the R60CR-9’s operator friendly cab. The cab is equipped with a left console that raises to an upright position for easy access and exit from the cab.  A large capacity fully automatic air conditioner, improved ventilation system, radio with USB – MP3 player and water and dust-proof seals further add to the overall comfort of the cab.

The R60CR-9’s powerful and reliable engine, the new Yanmar 4TNV98, generates 56 net horsepower at 2,400 rpm.  All that power means you can work faster and do more.  This engine, is built to last with heavy-duty rings, pistons and bearings all built with high-strength alloys.  The new 4TNV98 is designed to improve combustion efficiency, reduce emissions and maximize fuel economy!

Hyundai’s electronic system provides computerized control of all the R60CR-9’s electric-powered functions, including engine speed, auto and one touch deceleration functions, auto engine warm-up, engine overheat prevention, travel speed control, anti re-start function, and warning indicators.

The R60CR-9 also boasts an advanced hydraulic system designed for smooth-precise control.  This system has been optimized to improve joystick to attachment response time for improved productivity!

To customize the engine power and fuel efficiency of the machine, two engine power modes are offered by the touch of a button.  A standard mode provides sufficient power at a reduced engine rpm for improved fuel efficiency.  When maximum cycle speed is needed, a max mode boosts the engine to full rpm to maximize hydraulic flow and speed.  There is also an illuminated engine speed control knob available for custom rpm selection.

Maintenance and diagnostic capabilities are also simplified throughout the machine.  Centralized lubrication ports and easy access to filters and service areas all make maintaining this new R60CR-9 fast and easy.  The monitoring system also provides warning indicators for critical service areas and easy-to-read gauges for monitoring fuel level, coolant temperature, hydraulic oil temperature and engine rpm.

The R60CR-9 excavator is standard equipped with a 9’6” boom and 4’10” arm, along with a newly designed 0.24 yd3 Hyundai bucket and 400 mm rubber tracks.  You can be sure you’ll maximize your productivity and performance with this innovative Hyundai excavator.

The R60CR-9…another reason to “THINK HYUNDAI.”