APWA announces 11 new certified stormwater managers

Eleven public works professionals have recently earned the Certified Stormwater Manager (CSM) credential from the American Public Works Association (APWA).

The APWA CSM certification is intended for water experts in both the public and private sectors who coordinate and implement stormwater management programs for city, county, state, provincial, and federal agencies.These professionals assist in administering drainage, flood control, and water quality programs. Since its inception, the APWA CSM program has certified 67 Stormwater Managers in North America.

“For water experts in public works, the APWA Stormwater Manager certification is a hallmark of excellence for U.S. and Canadian water professionals,” said APWA Executive Director Peter B. King in a press release. “This program highlights the CSMs’ professional expertise and dedication to advancing water quality programs and services in their community, which include state and federal requirements related to stormwater runoff including management of public education, illicit discharges, erosion control, post-development runoff BMPs, system maintenance, water quality monitoring, data analysis, and reporting, as well as drainage and flood control programs. The recent certification recipients are to be congratulated on this outstanding accomplishment,” King said.

The APWA Certified Stormwater Managers as of March, 2012 include the following:

November 2011
William Appleton, CSM, City of Federal Way, WA
Shannon Dupont, CSM, City of Baton Rouge, LA
Stephen Hitch, CSM, City of Redmond, WA
Hernan Lugo, CSM, City of Alton, TX
Larry Morse, CSM, City of Redmond, OR
Russ Paul, CSM, City of Pleasant Hill, IA

March 2012
Kirk Christensen, CSM, Whatcom County, Bellingham, WA
Thomas Horstman, CSM, Town of Cary, NC
Jesse Leckband, CSM, City of Des Moines, IA
Nicholas David Pezzello, CSM, City of Roswell, GA
Paul Webster, CSM, Village of Royal Palm Beach, FL

The APWA Stormwater Manager Certification program is conducting computer-based testing and is now available at over 170 sites in the United States and Canada.