RoadSafe, TraffiCalm formalize partnership

RoadSafe Traffic Systems Inc. and TraffiCalm Systems, national providers of traffic safety products and services, have formalized a partnership that will broaden the reach of both organizations into additional off-highway markets and enhance their capabilities to keep roadways safe.

RoadSafe is a full-service provider of temporary traffic control and protection and pavement marking services. TraffiCalm is a leader in driver feedback signs, commonly referred to as “radar speed signs.”

“Safety is the central mission of both of our organizations, so there are natural synergies to our partnership with TraffiCalm,” said Kathi Holst, senior vice president of RoadSafe, in a press release.  “Working together, we can bring customers total solutions to their particular needs.”

Through the partnership, the companies will target private enterprises and applications such as mining, refineries, utilities and manufacturing along with corporate business campuses, where vehicle and road safety is no less critical but less regulated than it is on public roadways.

“We are honored to work with RoadSafe, which is widely respected in the traffic safety industry,” said Jan DeSantis, business development manager for TraffiCalm, in a written statement.  “We believe our complementary product offerings and sales capabilities will provide many benefits to the marketplace.”