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Preston IngallsPreston Ingalls

Failure is not an option: How a five-phase process can dramatically reduce breakdowns and increases uptime

Led by industry expert Preston Ingalls, this webinar will show participants how to reduce equipment breakdowns with a proven process called a P-F model. Used by NASA, the aviation industry and others to minimize breakdowns, it has produced amazing results. It has two separate stages that are related but different: detection and mitigation. Ingalls demonstrates its effectiveness with examples from two case studies of companies that reduced their emergency or breakdown rate from 65 percent and 35 percent to a current level of an outstanding 1 percent. Remarkable and achievable.


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  1. How the P-F model works
  2. 5 phases of implementation: operation focus, PM and info focus, lubrication focus, stores focus and Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)focus
  3. Key steps to implementing a successful operator care program
  4. What the most crucial elements of a solid PM program need to be, and the traditional weaknesses of most programs
  5. Why you need a solid CMMS program as a weapon in your arsenal
  6. Major elements to a solid lubrication program to include color coding
  7. The purpose of oil analysis and the optimal time to perform
  8. Why inventory control is a system of economics — not just stocking or ordering parts
  9. Why RCFA is a critical tool in eliminating recurring failures

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