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Superior Emergency Response Case Study 

Nes Download1The time it takes to repair or replace equipment is crucial –– so crucial that downtime on site can equal up to 1 to 3 percent of annual revenue. NES Rentals has a reputation for reliability that ensures, when breakdowns occur, you’ll be back on track in 2 hours or less.

Read our free case study to learn what this promise means to you:

  • Speed and service
  • Expert emergency response
  • Extensive industry knowledge

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Net Promoter Score (NPS) White Paper

Nps Whitepaper Download2NES Rentals has a reputation for reliability and superior customer service. While our competition can say they attend to your needs, we back up our claim with facts. We monitor our customers’ satisfaction and loyalty on an ongoing basis using of the leading business measurement tools.Read our white paper to learn:   

Read our white paper to learn:

  •  How NPS is measured
  •  Why our score ranks us among the world’s top brands
  •  What it all means to you

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NES Hidden Cost of Equipment Ownership White PaperThe Hidden Costs of Equipment Ownership White Paper

Should you rent or buy your equipment? If you want to make the smartest choice for your business, then don’t miss our white paper, “The Hidden Costs of Equipment Ownership.” It explains the unanticipated expenses that can accompany ownership and why renting may be a better option.

Download the The Hidden Cost of Equipment Ownership white paper.