2015 Editorial Calendar


Construction has taken a powerful punch over the past couple of years and contractors are now looking for information that will help them run their businesses as economic conditions improve. Our editors know meeting this need requires flexibility, innovation and a keen sense of what’s happening in the marketplace.

Our editorial calendar presents the basic structure of how we’ll approach the year, but by no means is it the full story. In order to remain flexible, we’ll issue updates that detail our approach to each story, plus give you insight on any new directions.

January 2015

• Innovations
• Maintenance: Engines
• Technology
• QuickData: Backhoes
• Heavy trucks
• SafetyWatch: Paving equipment
• Road Science: Environmental Permitting — Is it getting better?
• Highway Contractor: Trends in concrete paving
• ProPickup: 2015 roundup – More power, better fuel economy, more options

February 2015

• FleetProfile: What does an excavating contractor own?
• Machine Matters: Compact track loaders
• Maintenance: Lubricants
• QuickData: Excavators
• Technology: Telematics
• Heavy trucks
• Road Science: Smarter work zones
• Better Bridges: Additional findings from our Bridge Inventory
• Preview: World of Asphalt
• ProPickup: Easy trailer wiring harness install, LED light upgrade
• SafetyWatch: Electrical shocks
• Website coverage: World of Concrete, February 3-6, American Traffic Safety Services Association, Feb. 6-10

March 2015

• FleetProfile: What does a roadbuilder own?
• Machine Matters: Wheel loaders
• Maintenance: Shop safety
• Technology
• Heavy trucks
• Road Science: Ultrathin whitetopping on roadways and parking lots
• Highway Contractor: Snow and ice control
• ProPickup: 1/2-ton V-6 pickup shootout
• SafetyWatch: Fall protection
• Website coverage: World of Asphalt, Mar, 17-19

April 2015

• FleetProfile: What does a water/sewer/pipeline contractor own?
• Machine Matters: Compactors
• Maintenance: Service trucks
• QuickData: Compact Excavators
• Heavy trucks
• Road Science: Transportation Research Board pavements report
• Highway Contractor: Sustainability
• ProPickup
• SafetyWatch: Excavators
• Website coverage: Intermat, April 20-25

May 2015

• Contractor of the Year
• How to rent an air compressor
• QuickData: Articulated haulers
• Heavy trucks
• Highway Contractor: Lifecycle cost analysis
• Better Bridges: Transportation Research Board bridges report
• Product Report: World of Asphalt
• ProPickup
• SafetyWatch: Trailers

June 2015

• Technician of the Year
• Machine Matters: Attachments
• Maintenance: Diesel particulate filters
• Heavy trucks
• QuickData: Trenchers
• Better Bridges: Innovative bridge designs
• Highway Contractor: Roadside maintenance/ vegetation management
• ProPickup
• SafetyWatch: Work zones

July 2015

• Machine Matters: Excavators
• QuickData: Wheel loaders
• Heavy trucks
• Road Science: Reclaimed asphalt pavement and recycled asphalt shingles
• Highway Contractor: Geosynthetics
• ProPickup
• SafetyWatch: Demolition

August 2015

• Machine Matters: Backhoes
• Maintenance
• Technology
• Heavy trucks
• Road Science: Foamed asphalt goes mainstream
• Better Bridges: The Living Bridge Project
• Highway Contractor: Winter maintenance
• ProPickup
• SafetyWatch: Dump trucks
• Website coverage: American Public Works Association, Aug. 30-September 2

September 2015

• Machine Matters: Directional drills
• Maintenance
• ICUEE preview
• Heavy trucks
• QuickData: Skid steers
• SafetyWatch: Trench safety
• Road Science: What contractors need to know about level of service management for Interstates
• Highway Contractor: Snow and ice control
• Website coverage: ICUEE, Sept. 29-Oct. 1 2015 Spec Guide Spec comparisons on 48 machine types

October 2015

• Machine Matters: Articulated trucks
• Technology
• Heavy trucks
• Road Science: Structural evaluation of asphalt pavements with full-depth reclaimed base
• Highway Contractor: Trends in compaction
• ProPickup
• QuickData: Aerial lifts
• SafetyWatch: Compactors

November 2015

• Machine Matters: Heavy trucks
• Maintenance
• Road Science: Surface treatments for high volume roads
• Highway Contractor: Warmmix and RAP
• Better Bridges: 2015 Annual Bridge Inventory
• ProPickup
• QuickData: Dozers
• SafetyWatch: Skid steers

December 2015

• Machine Matters: Skid steers
• Technology
• Road Science: Cold centralplant recycling
• Top Rollouts: The year’s top roadbuilding products
• ProPickup
• QuickData: Double-drum compactors
• SafetyWatch: Aerial lifts

Please contact Marcia Gruver, Editorial Director for the Construction Media Division for more information.  [email protected] or 205-248-1260.