VIDEO: This guy being catapulted by a boom lift is why you should always wear a harness
Wayne Grayson | June 9, 2014

No. 4 Video in 2014

boom lift launch

There’s a reason things like safety guidelines, personal protective equipment and harnesses exist: even mundane tasks like moving a boom lift one hundred feet or so can result in a serious injury. This guy has opted to forego wearing a harness to move a boom into position. Problem is, the lift has to hop off about a foot or two of concrete before it can move any further. When the front wheels came down, he should have considered that hop a warning shot. Instead, he continues on and what was a pretty easy task turns into being catapulted into a 10- or 15-foot fall. Considering how high he’s launched, he’s lucky to be alive. Always put on the harness.

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