Liebherr displays prototype of R 9XX hybrid excavator at Bauma 2013
EQW Staff | April 16, 2013
Liebherr R9XX

Liebherr’s prototype hybrid excavator, R 9XX, was on display at Bauma 2013.

Liebherr displayed its R 9XX concept electric hybrid excavator at Bauma 2013 this week, our sister site, Equipment World, reported from the show.

The 40-ton prototype excavator, which features an electric hybrid driveline, is powered mostly by a standard diesel engine, though it also uses an electric storage devices known as supercaps and a hydraulic pressure accumulator.

Liebherr said the hybrid system on the R 9XX can supply short term peak power at up to twice the rated output of the diesel engine, while the combined electric and hydraulic technology offers reduced fuel consumption and higher material handling performance.

Liebherr has not said whether the R 9XX will be available for actual use.

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