Dynapac: F1000 pavers reduce particulate matter emissions by 90 percent
Tina Grady Barbaccia | January 18, 2013

Dynapac’s next generation series of F1000 pavers for the North American market meet Interim Tier 4 Interim (IT4) regulations and come in both track and wheeled options. Both models in the new series are designed with a transport width of 10 feet and a transport height of 106 inches. Transport length for the F1000T is 21 feet, while the F1000W is 21 feet 4 inches. Working width is 26 feet with a minimum working width of 8 feet.

Be sure to check out the February 2013 issue of Better Roads (in either print or digital — www.betterroads.com/digital) for more details on this paver or click on these links below.




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