Volvo adds Auto Neutral, Paver Assist features to VHD trucks with I-Shift AMT
| May 26, 2017

Volvo Trucks has added auto-neutral and Paver Assist features to its I-Shift for Severe Duty, and I-Shift with Crawler Gears automated manual transmissions.

Auto neutral and Paver Assist mark the latest Volvo VHD updates centered on the capabilities of I-Shift, an automated manual transmission (AMT).

Volvo says Auto Neutral can help improve jobsite safety in many applications, including concrete mixers, where remote throttle is often used. The feature helps reduce the possibility of the truck moving as a result of inadvertent throttle application by placing the I-Shift transmission into neutral when the parking brake is set.


Test Drive: Volvo I-Shift AMT with crawler gears in dump application

Test Drive: Volvo I-Shift AMT with crawler gears in dump application

Volvo Trucks North America has placed all its chips on the future of automated manual transmissions (AMT). The company has already made its I-Shift AMT standard ...

When the parking brake is released, the driver simply shifts to “drive” for the transmission to go back into gear.

Auto Neutral will be available for order during the second quarter of 2017 for vehicles equipped with Volvo GHG 2017 engines and the latest generationVolvo I-Shift. For trucks already in service, it can be activated with the Volvo Premium Tech Tool.

Paver Assist for the I-Shift on Volvo VHD model dump trucks helps eliminate bumps and disturbances in the pavement laying process that traditionally occur while shifting from neutral to drive.

Truck operators can engage drive without first applying the brakes when transitioning from neutral and being pushed by a paver to driving operations and pulling away from the paver equipment. To do so, the driver simply shifts from neutral to drive while rolling very slowly and depressing the plus (+) button on the I-Shift shifter.

Paver Assist can also be used in other low-speed applications when a vehicle needs to drive away without applying the brakes. The feature is currently available on Volvo VHD models equipped with Volvo GHG 2017 engines and the latest generation I-Shift transmission. Paver Assist can be activated using the Volvo Premium Tech Tool.

The Volvo VHD comes standard with the 12-speed I-Shift for Severe Duty, which features hardened gears and other hardware to help withstand frequent shifting in rugged operating environments. The Volvo I-Shift with Crawler Gears, available in 13- and 14-speed versions, was introduced in March 2016. The 13-speed I-Shift with Crawler Gears helps provide improved startability on steep-grades, soft terrain, or when the truck is under heavy load. The 14-speed variant is ideal for applications like concrete pouring that require low-speed maneuverability.

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