VIDEO: Spire-mounted camera captures ascent to the top of the World Trade Center
Wayne Grayson | May 15, 2013

GoPro WTC installationNearly two weeks ago, as construction workers looked on with pride, the spire was lifted to the top of the World Trade Center in Manhattan.

The building has reached its symbolic height of 1,776 feet and is now the tallest building in the United States and Western Hemisphere. Which is why this video taken from a GoPro camera from the top of the spire looking down as it is installed is so amazing.

The video chronicles the spire’s entire upward climb and includes the work of the guys at the top who do the installation work from a downright dizzying height. A truly amazing perspective for a great moment in U.S. history. Check it out below.

[youtube 4ZIKhS1ch8I nolink]

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