Superbumper protects against rear-end collision
Tina Grady Barbaccia | July 25, 2012
Honda Ridgeline with Mohr Mfg.'s 424 Superbumper

Honda Ridgeline with Mohr Mfg.’s 424 Superbumper

Mohr Mfg.‘s line of patented, energy absorbing, receiver mounted ball mounts known as “SUPERBUMPERS” protect your vehicle from rear-end collision damage.

The new impact attenuators’ patented compression system has taken impacts more than 20 mph. The attenuators install in less than 60 seconds into any 2-inch receiver hitch. Towing and non-towing versions are available and they all have a lifetime crash warranty – if they bend or break from a rear end collision, at any speed, the manufacturer will replace then for free.


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