Subaru showcases SGX generator line at Rental Show
Amy Materson | March 2, 2011
Subaru SGX7500E

Subaru's SGX7500E provides a 7,300-watt output and a 9.4-hour continuous run time.

Subaru’s SGX generator line, which was showcased at the 2011 Rental Show in Las Vegas, includes three models designed for a range of applications. Standard on all three models is an automatic voltage regulation system that ensures precise voltage control output, as well as a low-tone muffler, low oil level sensor with automatic shutoff and an hour meter. A two-wheel kit improves portability.

SGX3500: The 3,500-watt SGX3500 features the Subaru EX21 7-horsepower engine. With a 4-gallon-capacity fuel tank, the SGX3500 offers an 8-hour continuous run time at rated load.

SGX5000: The generator has a 9.5-horsepower EX30 engine with a 4,900-watt maximum output. The 7-gallon-capacity fuel tank delivers 9.4 hours of continuous run time at rated load.

SGX7500E: The largest model in the line, the SGX7500E features a 14-horsepower EX40 engine that provides a 7,300-watt maximum output. The 8-gallon-capacity fuel tank offers a 7-hour run time at rated load. The SGX7500E also has an electric starting system with a recoil backup.

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