Rammer fills out line with new 5011 large hammer and 3 new small hammers
Tom Jackson | April 28, 2013
Rammer Hammer 5011 Bauma

The Rammer 5011 hammer works in two modes, long stroke for hard materials and short stroke for softer.

For carriers in the 43- to 80-ton class, Sandvik introduced at Bauma its Rammer 5011 hammer. The big unit is purpose-matched to applications and materials thanks to two working mode selectors.

The long stroke setting breaks hard materials such as granite and steel- reinforced concrete. The short stroke setting puts out a higher blow frequency for softer materials like limestone.

The Rammer 5011 weighs 10,470 pounds, fitting it between the company’s 4099 and 7013 models in the lineup. Its idle blow protection is activated by an on/off switch that allows the operator to adjust the working mode to prevent damaging idle strikes.

High-tension, vibration-dampening tie rods improve reliability and lower wear-related operating costs. Tool retaining pins are locked in by simple rubber rings and the surface of the lower tool bushing has been designed for longer tool life.

The hydraulics feature fewer valves and greater back-pressure tolerance enabling the 5011 to match up with a wide range of carriers and hydraulic flow rates. Three greasing options include a centralized manual system, carrier mountd Ramlube I automatic greasing or the Ramlube II which uses a cartridge mounted on the hammer to automatically deliver optimum levels of lubrication.

Rammer Hammer 355 bauma

The new small hammers from Rammer, like the 355 shown here, use technology from larger models while offering a box type housing to protect the power cell.

In its small hammer range, Sandvik introduced three new units, the Rammer 255, 355 and 455.

Designed for the demands of the rental customer, the three hammers use Rammer’s Constant Blow Energy (CBE) technology which maximizes the strike force regardless of operating pressures. Molded, box-type housings minimize noise and vibration while protecting the power cell.

The new smaller hammers also borrow a maintenance-free, membrane-type accumulator and retainer pin cover and locking system that’s used on Rammers larger hammers.

The bolt pattern on the flange top mounting plate let you use the existing mounting brackets from previous generations of Rammer hammers.

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