Boost resale by $20K through reduced idling
Volvo Construction | May 13, 2016

Learn how training your operators to reduce idle time can improve your excavator’s resale value.

It’s not uncommon for an excavator to idle 50% of the time. But 25% is realistic. That’s a savings of about 500 machine hours each year. When you apply those reduced machine hours to resale value after five years of ownership, it can be a $20,000 difference. That’s aside from the added savings and increased uptime resulting from five less service intervals during the ownership period.


How to reduce idle times:
1.    Use your Volvo excavator’s auto engine shutdown feature, which can be set to automatically engage after five minutes of idle time.

2.    Train your operators to shut down during breaks. Unlike many competitive machines, air continues to circulate in the Volvo cab to ensure it stays cool in warm months and warm in cold months.

3.    Monitor idle times via telematics systems, such as Volvo CareTrack, and make training adjustments as necessary.

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