Connected Keypad Adds Security to Job Sites
ES Track | June 12, 2017

With Sentry Keypad, unauthorized equipment use is a thing of the past.

Ask anyone in the construction business how confident they feel leaving their equipment on job sites, and you’ll probably get a similar answer: “Not very.” After hours equipment security is a major stressor for many contractors, and with good reason – theft and unauthorized use are serious problems.

According to the National Crime Information Center, in 2014 alone, there were 11,625 heavy equipment thefts reported, with a total value that could be as high as $1 billion, not including business interruption costs. Nor does that include the high cost of damage to machines and property caused by unauthorized use. But despite the high price tag that comes with heavy equipment, they generally don’t include much in the way of security features.

“One of the biggest problems is universal keys,” says Willy Schlacks, co-founder and president of ES Track.

“Anyone with a key can access your machinery at any time, and in the past there wasn’t a lot you could do about it.”

ES Track is changing that with a security keypad that utilizes the company’s telematics platform. Sentry Keypad connects every piece of equipment in a contractor’s fleet, giving them total control over who is using it. Unlike ordinary keypads, Sentry Keypad doesn’t just restrict who can access equipment, it controls when and where it can be used as well.

“A lot of the damage from unauthorized use is caused by sub-contractors or employees ‘borrowing’ machines without permission,” says Schlacks. “Sentry Keypad’s connectivity lets you tie access into working hours, geofences and certifications, so the only time your equipment is being used is when it’s supposed to be, by who it’s supposed to be.”

Sentry Keypad provides the double lock capability many insurance companies require, but also adds the ability to lock down any piece of equipment at any time.

“Sentry Keypad gives you next-level security,” says Schlacks. “In addition to preventing unauthorized users or thieves from accessing your machine in the first place, it also lets you remotely shut down any equipment with the push of a button.”

Any piece of equipment can be shut down from an Internet connected browser, making it complete inoperable. This restricts the damage that can be caused by unauthorized users who want to use your equipment for their own purposes. Reducing the threat of damage contractors may be liable for leads to a more secure job site and lower insurance premiums. In many cases, insurance companies are willing to foot the bill.

Constant connectivity between equipment also helps prevent theft by brute force. ES Track lets users set geofences for job sites or lots. Even if the machine’s engine isn’t started, if it crosses the predetermined boundary, an alert is automatically generated. If that isn’t enough to prevent theft, real-time GPS location ensures misplaced or stolen equipment can be recovered.

“It’s all about protecting your investment,” says Schlacks. “With Sentry Keypad, you can rest easy, knowing your equipment is safe and secure.”

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