6 Advantages of Using a Rented Compact Excavator

Compact excavators produce results that are anything but small. Also known as mini-excavators, these machines may not have the digging depth of their full-sized counterparts, but they bring superior capabilities to smaller digging operations in close quarters.

New research from the American Rental Association (ARA) identified digging equipment, including compact excavators, as one of the most popular rental items among construction contractors. For companies that have not fully weighed the benefits of mini-excavators, following are six advantages of renting a compact excavator instead of larger excavating equipment:

  1. More versatility. You can rent attachments for a rented compact excavator to accomplish a variety of tasks using one machine. For example, you could drill a hole with an auger, demolish concrete with a breaker or move concrete debris using a thumb.
  2. Better maneuverability. Features such as 360-degree turning, offset digging and reduced tail swing allow rented compact excavators to work productively in spaces where a full-sized excavator could not move.
  3. Lower fuel expenses. A rented compact excavator uses less fuel than larger excavating equipment does. You also can tow a compact excavator using smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles.
  4. Lighter footprint. A rented, rubber-tracked compact excavator can move over pavement without harming it. A compact excavator’s low ground pressure also minimizes damage to turf.
  5. Less noise. Compact excavators generate less noise than larger excavators, especially when moving across pavement or other hard surfaces.
  6. Easier operation. Most operators can learn how to use a rented compact excavator’s controls very quickly.

Renting a compact excavator rather than purchasing one enables you to get exactly what you need while eliminating time and costs associated with buying, maintaining and storing equipment.

Contact your local ARA-member rental store for information on available rental products and services to meet your compact excavator needs. To locate the rental store nearest you, visit RentalHQ.com.