National Demolition Assocation updates Demolition Safety Manual with new info, digital formats
Wayne Grayson | January 20, 2014

200 safety binderThe latest edition of the National Demolition Association’s (NDA) Demolition Safety Manual contains new information and new digital formats.

With the new edition, which will be available soon, demolition firms and others involved in the demo process will be able to manage a safety program specific to their company.

The new addition also includes updated safe handling practices for various hazardous materials found on some demolition sites, as well as information on topics such as quick coupler safety and the safe use of high-reach long boom arms.

Another improvement to the manual is easier searching on computers and mobile devices. The manual will also be featured in a searchable version on the NDA website at

The NDA says all of the new content has been researched and given approval by its Safety Committee and other industry safety leaders.

The manual is free for NDA members, but it can also be purchased by non-members online at the NDA Store for $100. The manual joins the newly “harmonized” Hazard Communication Program and the Demolition Safety Talks program, a jobsite tool box safety meeting resource, as the foundation of any company’s demolition safety management program.

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