Meet the previous winners of AEMP’s top equipment technician and nominate the next
Tom Jackson | December 23, 2013
Brierly, left, and Presser, right, were awarded AEMP's 2013 National Technicians of the Year.

Brierly, left, and Presser, right, were awarded AEMP’s 2013 National Technicians of the Year.

In 2013, the Association of Equipment Management Professionals awarded the honor of National Technician of the Year to Matt Presser of S.J. Lewis Construction for private fleets and Bruce Brierley with the Virginia Department of Transportation for public fleets.

According to the AEMP panel of judges, these two demonstrated outstanding technical skills, troubleshooting and diagnostic capabilities along with their professionalism and significant contributions to the equipment technician profession.

Presser’s efforts have helped his employer minimize the resource impact on repair. He also helped solve the company’s Tier 4 emissions challenges while maintaining a positive business relationship and communication with multi-brand vendors.

Brierley showed great skill and capability in bringing technology to diagnose difficult issues and in developing timely, safe, and cost-effective repair procedures. Both Brierley and Presser were noted for their dedication to safety and their shops’ outstanding safety records.

The AEMP is currently accepting nominations for the 2014 AEMP Technician of the Year. You do not have to be a member to apply, but the deadline for applications is January 2014. Click the link here to begin the application process.


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