Thousands of bras strung together from boom lift raise breast cancer awareness in Minnesota

Updated Oct 17, 2015

Bras for a Cause lead

It might sound a bit odd, but drivers along Highway 52 in Rochester, Minnesota, have become accustomed to the sight of thousands of strung-together bras appearing one day each October.

According to a report from KTTC TV, a group called Join the Journey recently held its seventh-annual Bras for a Cause event in Rochester in order to raise money for breast cancer survivors and their families.

As part of the event, the group asks for donations of used bras throughout the year hoping to string as many together as they can when October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month roll around.

Plus, Join the Journey says Rochester Motor Cars donates a bit of money for each bra collected.

This year the group collected more than 10,000 bras for their striking display on Highway 52. In total, the group says it raised $5,800 during this year’s event.