Subaru’s new 2-inch centrifugal pump

Subaru PKX201 centrifugal pumpSubaru’s latest entry in their line of self-priming centrifugal pumps, launched at the Rental Show in Las Vegas, is the 2-inch Model PKX201 with the EX13 4.5-horsepower overhead cam engine that delivers a volume of 158 gallons per minute. The PKX201 features an abrasion resistant, cast iron three-blade impeller that extends the pump’s life, as well as a hardened cast iron volute that pumps water straight into the cavity for fast priming while withstanding the debris sucked through the strainer.

Additional features:

  • A self-lubricating carbon ceramic seal ensures simplified servicing
  • A heavy duty strainer protects the pump from large solids and prevents debris from entering the suction hose
  • The muffler and sound-suppressing air cleaner delivers quiet operation
  • Automatic decompression, easy-pull recoil starter
  • Hot Spark ignition system
  • Large capacity fuel tank
  • Heavy duty tubular frame