World of Asphalt emits positive vibe

The World of Asphalt, co-located this year with the inaugural Agg1 show, wrapped up today in Orlando. And amid all the talk of doom and gloom that’s been going on recently, the show still kept an upbeat vibe and had a decent amount of traffic on the show floor.

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers said even in a faltering economy, the organization had record attendance. (It wasn’t indicated whether it was because World of Asphalt and Agg1 were co-located, but this is still a positive and encouraging sign.)

More than 5,700 people attended the education sessions and there were more than 400 exhibitors.  Attendees came from 60 different countries, with 16 percent of the attendees being international.

Even more encouraging was the several manufacturers that I talked that either rolled out new products or showed prototype models that were set to be in production ranging from a month from now to around the third quarter of this year.