Durex Products expands dealer networks

Durex Products has expanded its concrete and aggregate distribution networks to include the following equipment dealers:

· Baird, Howard Associates, West Pittston, Penn.; covering Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Maryland
· Black Canyon Process Equipment, Peoria, Ariz.; covering Arizona, Utah and Clark County, Nevada
· ConRoc, Alameda, Calif.; covering the northern counties of California
· C.R. Poldrack, Georgetown, Texas; covering Texas except for selected western counties
· Jay Mertz, Toledo, Ohio; covering Ohio and Michigan.
· Madole Engineering, Chino, California; covering the southern counties of California
· Mill Creek Solutions, Canby, Oregon; covering Oregon and Washington
· Regional Conveyor Services, Salem, Virginia; covering Virginia and the central region of North Carolina

· Aggregate Mining Process, Las Vegas; covering Clark County, Nevada, and the southern tip of Nye County
· Black Canyon Process Equipment, Peoria, Ariz.; covering Arizona
· Industrial Belting and Transmission, Louisville, Ky.; covering Kentucky
· James Venture Corp., Oroville, Calif.; covering the northern two-thirds of California
· Loos Service and Supply, Quincy, Ill.; covering southern Illinois