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Timco Cast Polyamide 6 (“Nylon 6”) as Sheave Material
June 10, 2008

Timco uses only virgin cast polyamide 6 with a polymerization of 97 percent or better. This cast polyamide 6 or nylon 6 is cast in an open or centrifugal mold. It is a very tough and resilient material. Even under excessive loads, it will bend before it breaks. If broken, the material resembles a tear rather than the clean break one would find with steel. Cast polyamide 6 is the ideal material for sheaves in most applications where wire rope, wire, fiber rope, coated cable, fiber optical, flexible hose, and belt must be lifted, flexed, and guided. Its light weight is often the most important property of a nylon 6 sheave. It increases lifting capacity, reduces inertia and therefore, cable wear, and it facilitates handling. The strength of a particular nylon 6 sheave can be calculated precisely.