Washington State DOT issues quarterly report on agency performance

Updated Mar 28, 2017

Screen Shot 2017 03 20 At 2 52 53 PmThe Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has published its latest quarterly report, known as the Gray Notebook, to show its performance and accountability.

This version shows progress through the end of the 2016 and includes construction projects, pavement conditions and worker safety.

“The report also includes the agency’s emphasis areas: demonstrating WSDOT’s continued efforts to identify and solve transportation problems through a practical approach that improves the multimodal system at the least cost; maintaining highly competent and motivated employees; and supporting diversity and equal opportunities both within the WSDOT workforce and for anyone who interacts with the agency,” WSDOT reports.

Highlighted areas of progress, capturing projects and programs that align with agency emphasis areas, include:

  • Implementing strategic maintenance to extend pavement life by up to four years before resurfacing. The practice is currently used on 40 percent of WSDOT’s asphalt pavement, saving about $6.7 million each year (pp. 13-20, pdf 5.5mb)
  • Using practical solutions to improve performance and achieve 93 percent of highway maintenance asset condition targets in 2016 (pp. 21-22, pdf 5.5mb)
  • Awarding $9.35 million in state grants and loans to support 19 rail projects during the 2015-2017 biennium (pp. 32-34, pdf 5.5mb)
  • Supporting workforce development by launching a new safety inspection and incident reporting system (p. 12, pdf 5.5mb)

More information about WSDOT’s performance and the Gray Notebook is available at wsdot.wa.gov/Accountability/.

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