Washington state DOT testing zig-zagged road lines to get drivers’ attention

Updated Aug 28, 2015

11921689_866175250126705_7550686100395381397_nWashington is trying out a European approach to getting drivers attention at a busy crossing path.

According to KIRO TV, the Washington State Department of Transportation recently painted the zig-zagged lanes on a state highway in Arlington, Washington.

WSDOT traffic engineer Mark Bandy said he got the idea from spending part of his youth in Europe. The lines were painted on State Route 9 near a popular walking and cycling path where some neighbors said there have been a few close calls.

“Anything that helps people to get the idea I think is a good idea,” neighbor Bill Jantz said.

Bandy said there wasn’t too much of a safety concern at the crossing, but that location is somewhat of a testing ground for the state.

The zig-zagged lines are going to pop in a few other locations across the state. Two locations have been tapped in Concrete and another is planned in Fall City next year.

The total cost for all of the zig-zagged lines is less than $6,000.