AIM DC Excavator Buckets

AIM DC Excavator Buckets feature durable construction with AR400 steel cutting edge and beveled AR400 steel side cutters.  The buckets use AR400 steel because it is tougher, harder, and more wear resistant than any other steel plate used in the attachments industry-30% stronger and 46% harder than commonly used T-1 steel.   The ditch cleaning bucket design also features an abrasion resistant bottom with thick wear straps.  Optional bolt-on edges and extra pins are also available.


AIM DC Buckets illustrate the importance of the right tools for ditch construction and maintenance.  The wide, shallow shape evenly removes sediment along the length of the entire ditch.  This bucket design allows wet, uneven soil to easily slide out when dumping, giving you a clean start each time.


AIM Attachments also offers a complete line of heavy duty and severe duty buckets for all sizes of excavators.  For additional information contact the manufacturer direct at 1-800-803-3365 or browse online at